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Mapping London Exhibition



Mapping London illustration and exhibition at Ground Floor Space Gallery. Co-ordinates an exhibition of posters mapping the streets of London, part of The London Design Festival. See all of the posters in the exhibition here: co-ordinates.groundfloorspace.com

By moving around London you create your own map on every journey. It may be the same route everyday or take you to different places, but defining these places has always been the London bus. I have used the old style open back bus as an icon for this. All aboard!

“Ground Floor Space presents Co-ordinates – an exhibition of A1 prints mapping London and part of London Design Festival. Perhaps no city has ever been as mapped as London – the winding Thames, it’s an unofficial logo. But we all experience and see London differently. 25 of London’s top design studios and artists have mapped London as they see it. Limited edition two-colour screenprints of each map are available, with net proceeds benefitting homeless charity Streets of London.”