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Mu – More With Less


More With Less – a site-specific installation focussed on the rapid transition between analogue (linear) and digital (non linear) processes. The research development and working concepts / drawings produced over a 2 year period focussed on how this transition could be explored visually within the context of a gallery environment which led to transforming the space with large scale three dimensional interventions, film, graphic prints, sound and moving images. A catalogue was produced alongside the exhibition.

“Man-size sound waves, meters jumping and clocks ticking, giant punch cards and endless white noise. In August and September, MU will be placing its entire gallery at the disposal of the London artist/designer Stephen Smith, better known as Neasden Control Centre. Under the motto ‘More with Less’, a playful variation on the well-known modernistic principle of ‘less is more’, he will create an overwhelming visual world by which he aims to examine and lay bare the essence of our fully automated communication.

Those who, on the basis of this, are expecting an exhibition full of high-tech applications, will be disappointed. Smith mainly tackles things graphically. He is fascinated by old formats such as cassettes and film from a more analogue world, but also dissects digital applications and computers with equal interest. And yet, he is not as such motivated by nostalgia. First and foremost, Smith is keenly aware of the historical and all-embracing transition from analogue to digital, which we are in the middle of right now. On the basis of this consciousness, he transports us into the ever more abstract reality of what communication means in the year 2010.”

Angelique Spanicks – Director, MU
Link to show: http://www.mu.nl/uk/exhibitions/past/more-with-less/

Photos: Studio Dot Com